Bandarella: A double loop of cloth worn by kysps over their genitalia. Bandarellas are often decorated with elaborate symbols indicating religious and social status.

Caramelle: A form of duel in which successfully healing your opponent with a spell counts as a hit upon them. Currently fashionable for friendly duels.

Dragon-Worlds: Worlds on which astral dragons live. Hove, Mhel, Hasqueth, Chiriact, Graulfnir, Zelmary, Spendularé. It includes worlds which dragons nominally rule but have little presence on, such as Ionc, Twarrentine,

Dozen: Literally, 12. Astral dragons use base-12. Figuratively, “about 12”.

Grand: Literally, 1728; that is, 12×12×12. Less literally, about a grand, a lot of hundreds or a few thousands; humans would use “thousand” the same way. Figuratively, a large number or quantity.

Gross: Literally, 144, that is, 12×12. Less literally, about a gross; humans would use “a hundred” the same way. Figuratively, a large number or quantity.

hhejŝṧhyant: A magical construct used in (among other places) the Pentagonal Cyclone.

Lluyew: A richly aesthetic sensory modality of astral dragons. Lluyew can be perceived from afar, like sight; it provides a huge amount of detail, like scent. Objects with beautiful lluyew are desirable. The world Twarrentine has a hideous lluyew, for which reason dragons do not live there for long, despite it being an otherwise quite appealingly conquerable world. Unlike most sensory modalities, lluyew does not represent or correlate with any important or measurable property or aspect of things. Few if any other creatures can perceive lluyew, probably because it would do them no good to do so.

Localistic Magic: Magic that can be performed within a world, but which endures to some extent when removed from its native world. Contrast: localized magic, which only operates at all in its native world, and astral magic which operates anywhere that dragons go (because they go by means of astral magic).

Lust-ridden: The closest common word in Grand Draconic to “queer”. It refers to a bachelor drake who indulges himself sexually with an improper partner, especially one who does so regularly. Note that, for bachelor drakes, all partners are improper, so this term includes adultery with married dragonesses, all copulation with drakes, all contact with small people, and all solitary fetishistic activity.

Naret: The draconic name for the inhabitants of Narethy.

Narethy: The world of Base Camp; a Predictable Platelet once inhabited by narets.

Nyxylith: Generally, a semi-precious stone found on many worlds. Specifically in this story, one of the seven enchanted nyxyliths which allow the user to communicate with Jyothky, or, generally, the holder of the venstroma.

Ôglop: A race of small people with very good tenasense.

Predictable Platelet: A small flat world, often at an angle, in the form common to the Tsòn Cluster.

Questro: A common form of duel, to four touches; the second form listed in Rhedosaur’s textbook.

Rhedosaur: The classic textbook Rhedosaur’s Forms of Fighting names and gives rules for 541 forms of standard duels, such as the fashionable Caramelle, the gruelling Duello Prolongato, and the quick and trivial Babble of Raises.

Ššḁ: The Grand Draconic word for the urge to gather a hoard. Ššḁ is an ordinary and emotionally uncharged word, as commonplace an emotion as hunger or lust.

Snoyn-pack: A rather rude word for a group of drakes.

Tentatail: The manipulative limb of a kysp. A prehensile tail, usually about half again the kysp’s body-length, and forked near the end, ending in a pair of furless, flexible diamond-shaped pads.

Tsòn Cluster: The cluster of multiverses that the Royal Hoven Exploring Company looked around in.

Ûj: The philosophical principle that any doom is proper for small people. A simple, common word for a simple, common concept.

Venstroma: Jyothky’s magical device, that allows her to write messages to distant dragons, even across worlds.

Veriception: the draconic truth-sense.

Veristink: The noxious vericeptive perception of a lie.

vriŕ: The Grand Draconic word for the urge to do battle. A basic emotion.

Wixio: Jaraswat’s magical device: a spindle which extracts a subject’s linguistic competance — all his ability to use or understand language — and turns it into a knitted sweater sort of garment. The nature of the garment depends intricately on the language of the subject.

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