Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae

Astral Dragons

Astral dragons are substantial four-winged monsters, capable of their choice of breath weapons and considerable feats of magic as well as huge physical power and vitality. Their magic is not without its cost: at age six, they are subjected to the Great Separation, surgery on the astral body, which kills five out of every six, and makes the survivors powerful.

Their powers include travel between worlds. They have conquered dozens of them, mostly brutal conquests of sheer power. A few thousand dragons will live on and rule a world the size of Earth.

Dragons on Hove

The dragons didn’t conquer Hove per se. They (Jyothky in particular) arranged a worldwide protection racket or pax draconica, in which they brutally impose peace between Hove’s many warring countries, for a moderate fee. Or for substantial reparations, for the nations who violate the pax. This makes the Hoven dragons fairly rich without having to do much of anything but the occasional massacre.

Species-wide, there are twice as many drakes (male dragons) as dragonesses (female dragons). Hove attracts drakes for various reasons: there are several times as many drakes as dragonesses.

Normal marriages are one drake plus one dragoness; divorce is very difficult. This leaves half the drakes unmarried. So they do all the things you might expect. On most dragon-worlds, they hide when they do them. On the newly-quasi-conquered world Hove, those things are more acceptable … but Hove is still working out its customs.

  1. Jyothky: Dragoness. Expedition’s stay-at-home historian, and part-time queen of the dragons of Hove.
  2. Nrararn: Drake. Jyothky’s husband.
  3. Ythac: Drake. Jyothky’s co-ruler.
  4. Llredh: Drake. Ythac’s husband.
  5. Csirnis: Drake. The absolutely gorgeous and mostly-perfect drake that Jyothky did not marry.
  6. Arilash: Dragoness. One of very few unmarried dragonesses. She has lots of boyfriends and some (married) girlfriends among the dragons of Hove.

Dragons of the Hoven Royal Exploring Company

Since some of the dragons care a great deal about their mating flight ranks, we list them along with their gender.

  1. Atharis: Drake, 4th. Physicist
  2. Borybran: Drake, 5th. Theologian
  3. Charimaan: Drake, 6th. Mage specializing in body parts, especially hands. Married to Evrath
  4. Cnidtheyn: Drake, 4th. Guard/scout
  5. Driaith: Drake, 4th. Mage specializing in defense. Loosely attached to Mirinxan
  6. Evrath: Drake, 6th. Writer and guard. Married to Charimaan.
  7. Fraxtseng: Drake, last. Mage specializing in stone. Romantically linked to Yarenton and Questhraum
  8. Gyovanth: Drake, 3d. Guard. Married to Roroku. High-ranked on Chiriact.
  9. Hyxy: Dragoness, 1st. Guard/Scout. Married to Ngassith. Small and deadly.
  10. Itharieth: Drake, 6th. Biologist.
  11. Jaraswat: Drake, 5th. Lead scientist; linguist. Master of the wixio.
  12. Katamerces: Drake, 4th. Diplomat/lawyer and guard.
  13. Lovrian: Drake, 6th. Magicologist.
  14. Mirinxan: Drake, 5th. Cartographer and guard/scout.
  15. Ngassith: Drake, 1st. Treasure mage and Guard/Scout. Married to Hyxy.
  16. Nrusco: Drake, last. Guard/Scout. Married to Wo Awo.
  17. Osoth: Drake, 2nd. Leader of the Exploring Company. Necromancer.
  18. Psajathrion: Drake, 5th. Physician.
  19. Questhraum: Drake, last. Poet. Romantically linked to Fraxtseng and Yarenton.
  20. Rhosmanthus: Drake, last. Illusionist
  21. Roroku: Dragoness, last (of 3). Analysis mage.
  22. Sjojarn: Drake, 5th. Senior Travel mage
  23. Tultamaan: Drake, last (of 7). Chief of the Guards; Osoth’s lieutenant and advisor.
  24. Vaareng:Drake, 3d. Guard
  25. Wo Awo: Drake, last. Travel mage. Married to Nrusco
  26. Xilobrax: Drake, 6th. Physical magicologist.
  27. Yarenton: Drake, 2nd. Historian and guard. Romantically linked to Fraxtseng and Questhraum

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